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A Little Fall of Rain (Merlin fic)

This is my first Merlin fic and I hope people like it, You may cry it is based on this song


Title: A Little Fall of Rain (kind of a song fic)
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merthur
Summary: If you have ever heard the song you will know what is gonna happen.
Warning: Major character death (Arthur knows about Merlin’s magic)
Beta’d : By my sister


The ambush had taken everyone by surprise. Morgana’s solders were much stronger than last time. Arthur had to pull his Knights back in order to re-group and tend to the injured.

“Sire, there is someone coming this way. Wait, is that - ? It’s Merlin!” Sir Leon shouted back at Arthur who ran to where Leon was keeping watch. Lo and behold, it was Merlin but there was something wrong. He was staggering a bit.

“Leon, go look after the knights.” he said, leaping over the wall that concealed them all and running to where Merlin had stopped.

“Merlin, what are you doing here? I thought I sent you back to Camelot.”

“You did, but I did not see her when I got there but I met Gauis and he said that he would give Gwen the letter.” Merlin stumbled, Arthur caught him before he hit the ground. “I don’t think I can stand anymore.”

“Merlin, what’s wrong?” he brushed aside Merlin’s fringe, “There is something wet on your hair.”

His eyes widened, “Merlin you’re hurt. You need some help.” He looked down to where he was clutching his bleeding side, “Oh gods it’s everywhere.”

Merlin simply smiled up at the sky. His eyes flashed gold and the heavens opened. Sighing in relief he looked to Arthur.

“Don’t worry Arthur, I don’t feel any pain . . . heh . . . A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now.” He reaches his hand up to caress his face.

“You’re here” he coughed, a little blood escaping his lips, “That’s all I need right now, and you will keep me safe, and you will keep me close, and rain will make the flowers grow.”

Arthur lifted Merlin so he was cradling his head to his chest.

“What, Merlin you’re talking crazy, we have to stop the bleeding, hang on.” Lifting his chain mail slightly, he ripped the bottom of his shirt.

“Arthur, no. It took me ages to fix that shirt last time” His body tensing up, as another coughing fit took over. Arthur pressed the ripped fabric to the wound. It did nothing at all. It was soaked through in a matter of seconds.

“You will live, Merlin. Dear gods above.” Tears beginning to burn at his eyes, “If I could heal your wounds with words of love . . .”

Merlin wiped at the tears that began to fall.

“Just hold me now and let it be. Shelter me, comfort me . . .”

“Merlin, you would live a hundred years. If I could show you how. I won’t desert you now . . .”

“The rain can’t hurt me now, this rain will wash away what’s past and you will keep me safe and you will keep me close. I’ll sleep in your embrace at last.

The rain was slowly beginning to let up as Arthur saw the light slowly leave Merlin’s eyes.

“Hush, Merlin hush”

“I don’t feel any pain, I’m just so sorry that I failed you. You were my destiny and I failed you.”

“No you didn’t, without you I would have perished long ago Merlin.

“No, don’t close your eyes, no we can still get help!” He turned in the direction of his men, “LEON! GWAINE! ANYBODY, I’M HERE!”

“That’s all I need to know.” Merlin leaned in closer, “And you will keep me safe.”

No one was coming. He was losing Merlin and no one was coming to help. This can’t be happening.

He rested his forehead upon Merlin’s, “I will stay with you till you are sleeping.”

“Arthur, I . . . I love . . .”

The rain stops until it’s mere droplets dripping from the dead smouldering trees.

“No, Merlin wake up, Merlin! NO, NO, NO WAKE UP”

But he only held limp lifeless body beneath him.

“Please don’t leave me.”

Clutching his body to his chest rocking back and forth as he started sobbing uncontrollably, his face buried in his hair.

“SIRE! Sire are you o . . .” Leon tried to reach out to touch his shoulder, Arthur whipped his head around to glare at Leon and the knights that had followed him.


“Sire, we are . . . .”

“Sorry? Thanks to you Merlin is gone, we could have saved him.” He turns back to what used to be his friend.

“We could have saved him.”

New tears began to stream down his face. Gwaine came to kneel down beside him, taking one look at Merlin’s limp body, taking note of the wound that had drenched his blue tunic a dark purple.

“Arthur.” His voice was soft, “There is no way we could have saved . . . .”

“No don’t say that, No he had magic, he could have stopped the bleeding, but instead he made it rain, why didn’t he stop the . . .”

Arthur stopped and looked at the ground. Where Merlin’s hand brushed the ground, a small white flower had begun to grow. Looking around, he noticed more flowers covering the ground, tiny buds were beginning to bud on the trees everything was seeming to almost heal itself.

“And rain will make the flowers grow.”

A small smile flitted across his lips as he leaned down to Merlin’s ear, “You will not be forgotten”

He gently lowered him to the ground, placing a kiss to his blood stained forehead.

He stood facing his knights looking at each one in turn and then back down to Merlin.

“He will not be forgotten. For his sacrifice, we will win this battle in the name of Merlin, and in the name of CAMELOT!”

Drawing his sword from its sheath, he thrust it skyward.

“FOR MERLIN AND FOR CAMELOT!” His fellow knight echoed, also thrusting their swords skyward.

The end


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Screw it, I love Tom Hiddleston

Yeah I wrote this because I wish I had a Hiddles of my own to come home to after work
Also this is my first TomxReader fic please me nice I might end up writing more but my first one is a fluff one.

‘Finally I have finished for today, I can go home and relax’ I think to yourself putting the keys into the door and find it is open already this puts a smile on my face. As I cross the threshold I see him sat on the sofa reading one of the books I lent him. He looks up when I shut the door behind me he looks up and gives me heart-warming smile.

“Welcome home darling, how was your day?” he places the bookmark into place and puts it on the table as he gets up and walks over to me as I struggle taking off my coat wincing slightly he notices this as he helps me remove it and places it on a hook, he spins me around so I’m facing him “You ok?” concern is interwoven in his voice he looks concerned but I just smile at him reaching up to caress his stubbled cheek.

“It my own fault, I was pushing myself to finish on time” he rolls his eyes because this is the excuse I use every time he notices I’m in pain. He pulls me close and I nuzzle into his neck my hands resting on his jumper-clad chest. “I missed you today”

“I missed you too, come on let’s get you out of these awful work clothes and get you into something more comfortable, ok?” He takes my hand and pulls me into the bedroom. I flop down on the bed face first groaning from exhaustion I know he is shaking his head at me. “Are you really that tired?”

“Mmfh” I reply, I feel the bed dip near my head.

“I didn’t quite catch that, can you repeat that?”

I turn my head to look at him “I said, yes” I roll over and start to shake my feet to throw my shoes off “Stupid shoes” I mutter to myself.

He smiles “Do you want some help with that?”

I glare at him and pout “Yes please” he stands up to move down to the end of the bed where in turn he takes each ankle to slide each shoe off my feet, I then in turn wiggle each foot to bring feeling back into them. I sit up looking at him “Thank you, now can you help get the rest of my clothes off” I try to pull off my sweater vest “DAMN!” I yell as it gets stuck on my head my arms failing in the air “Stupid work clothes, Help meeeeeee please!” He is full blown laughing at me now “You bastard stop laughing at me”

“Ok, Ok just stop flailing for like 5 seconds” he climbs up the bed till he is straddling my thighs “Just stay still” He grabs each side of my top and pulls it up in a sharp swift motion freeing me “There you are” He cups my face kissing me softly I losing myself in the kiss I whimper as he pulls away. “Come on your almost out of your work clothes” Moving to the side of me he unzips my trousers and pulls them off throwing them in the hamper. I simply collapse back on the bed turning onto my side groaning at my aching limbs. “No, no you’re not going to sleep in your underwear”

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine” I sit up again watching him walk over to the dresser pulling out a vest top and some pyjama shorts passing them to me, I put them swiftly and then lay back down he smiles again and turns to leave “Please don’t go, just not yet” he turns back and moves around the other side of the bed and lays down next to my one arm draped over my side, our hands entwined. I sigh “Tom?”

“Mmmm?” he lifts his head, I turn to look at him.

“I love you”
He smiles back at me “I love you too darling” I snuggle down and drift off to sleep content and happy that I have everything that I need in the world here with me.

Second Coming

Just been reading X-Men: Second Coming and been crying
Stupid Hope she should have run but noooooooooooooo DAMN IT BASTION!

Writer's Block: Best video of the year

What's the best music video of 2010?

Soooo easy to answer
House rules by Kane
Watch it bitches and bask in the awesomness of Kane

Okay, sorry

Yeah i'm sorry that i feel like crap it is not my fault that i'm crabby and will snap at my dad, coz guess what your a man and oh wait i got screwed over by a guy so give me a chance to feel like crap ok so back the fuck off i just need time


Seriously by text

Ok as soon as i got the text that he was just thinking i knew something bad could only happen and what do ya know i was right.
I got a text later from him saying he can't be in a relationship right now and that i deserve better than him well that just broke my heart into millions of peices and the thing that pisses me of is that he did it by text aswell at least have the nerve to ring me or say it to my face. so i have cryed a little and listened to Kane and Steve Carlson found a song By Rena McEntire that pretty much sums up my feelings right now

I'm curently drawing and listenig to music it helps me

I'll be ok

Christian Kane I love you!

I have finally managed to listen to Kane's Version of Fast Car
And i have to say it made me soooo unbelievbly happy ^.^ I love the orginal but he has made it soooooo much better I 'm soo happy right now i could cry (with tears of happyness of course)
But seriously when ever i feel down i am gonna listen to that song because it just brightned my day up sooooo much after having listened too it

I love you KANE!


Snow & Steve

First of i have to say Vampires Ball was FRICKEN AWESOME! Ok i'm calm. Now onto the subject at hand.
I have been looking forward to seeing my boy for the hole time i got back from the can and the snow has well and truely fucked that up. don't get me wrong i love snow normally but not when i can't see my boy he is gonna teach me to play guitar (which is entirely Kane's fault but i forgive them coz there hot)
So i am yet again stuck in the house waiting for The Simpsons to start but on the bright side i have a shit ton of Steve Carlson to listen to.
I can't stop listening to him, i love his music and i wanna get as good as him on playing the guitar or just on him in general haahaa . . . no? ok then
I think i am gonna go read some Chris/Steve

Just can't stop reading


I can't stop reading the Sherlock Holme's novels, i have finished A Study in Scarlet and my first thought is


Seriously i love this kind of novel/tv show/films

Will be reading The Sign of Four next :D


Fashion Show Today!

Oh the fun of it all,
Waking up was okay but i really just couldn't be arsed today but then i remembered i get to be a lion so i went in.
Then the make up began i was sat in that chair for a good long while i felt like a professonal model, the finished product was AWESOME! i had massive puffed up hair with extensions i got to keep *HeeHee* after both shows i went arould town with my sis and Bryone then she left and it was just me and vee we decided to go see a movie that turned out to be hot tub time machine it was pretty damn funny. the we needed to do something for a hour so we bimbled around town making up a kids show hosted by Mr CROWLEEYY! sorry i felt like singing anyhoo all in all it has been fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!

Also i put a shelock Holmes stand up on hold :P i can't wait *HeeHee*